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Trotz meiner despektierlichen Äußerungen bin ich jetzt doch ein bissel aufgeregt, muß ich zugeben. Hab mir eben meine Lieblingslieder von ihr angehört (die sie ja leider nicht singen wird) und hab jetzt doch Schmetterlinge im Bauch.

If a girl isn’t pretty
like a Miss Atlantic City
all she gets from life is pity
and a pat.
Kindly name a star who hasn’t
won a contest or a pageant
if she hasn’t she just never gets to that
When a girl’s incidentals
are no bigger than two lentils
then to me it doesn’t spell success!

From three faces that could cause ya
to have temporary nausea
do I have to hear a lecture such as that?
Is a nose with deviation
such a crime against the nation
should I throw her into Jail or drown the cat?
So she looks a bit off-balance
she possesses golden talents
or is that a pill too bitter to digest?
(from Funny Girl)

Ich mach mich dann bald mal los…