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How you must love Kate

(Auszug aus einem Interview mit John Wilson BBC4)
On Creative Process:
“An example which is silly in a lot of ways, when I was writing Cloudbusting on Hounds of Love, I was just working on this line about that something bad was gonna happen, and right at that point this wasp flew in the window, and flew straight at me and I just immediately changed the line, ok, ok, something good is gonna happen – and then the wasp just kind of turned around and flew back out the window. And I thought, yerah, yeah, something good is gonna happen, that’s so much better!
“So if it wasn’t for the wasp, you would have been singing that something bad was gonna happen?”
“Yeah, I think I would – so thank you wasp!”
“Are you superstitious? (…) The reason I ask that the last time we spoke, and I was asking about the set of songs you hinted at that you said that you were writing, and you said you had a pack of bonemeal from the garden that you put on the piano and the song just started flowing (Kate lacht währenddessen) and then you left it on there, and there was a sort of organic bonemeal quality to the songs.”
“Yeah, I mean, it must have worked. Maybe with the next album, I could move up to a really big bag of horse manure!”